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The development trend of twin-screw extruder

by:TENGDA     2022-10-08

The future market of twin-screw extruder main engine and production line will develop in the direction of high technology content and lower price. Domestic mainframes are now basically dominated by conical twin-screw extruders and single-screw extruders. The technology is more mature and the market sales are larger. However, the general specifications of such products have exceeded the demand and can only maintain the peak period of the market. of about 50% to 60%. The main focus in the future is to develop parallel and counter-rotating twin-screw extruders, which are suitable for molding extrusion with large extrusion volume. The parallel co-rotating twin-screw extruder should be developed in the direction of the sixth and seventh generations of high speed and large aspect ratio. The development direction of single-screw extruder is large diameter, large aspect ratio, and smooth exhaust. In fact, the single-screw extruder is a low-energy and low-cost model. As long as the technology is appropriate, it can basically achieve the performance of the twin-screw extruder. For example, most of the plastic extruders currently used in the United States are Single-screw, due to its high technical content, replaced twin-screw extruders.

Due to the continuous expansion of the application market and technological breakthroughs, the twin-screw extruder market can maintain a slight upward trend in general, but the sharp drop in the domestic extruder market price is inevitable, and shoddy manufacturing and price wars have affected domestic plastics. The overall image and market competitiveness of the machine also hinder the development of the plastic processing industry.

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