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The difference between domestic and foreign twin-screw extrusion granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-09-23

Many people think that the slow opening of the twin-screw extruder in China is a problem with the die head and mechanical design. In fact, the roll is also a key problem. The thickness of the domestic casting roll is 18mm, and the thickness of the foreign one is 8mm. , Too thick and too slow to open quickly, the imported machine opens fast because of its thinness. Now Shicheng is also making casting rolls with a thickness of about 9-10mm. I hope the production line can be accelerated. Many domestic casting units are synchronized at about 5%, and the speed is slowly adjusted when starting up, and the thickness is uniform, but the waste is very large. In fact, the main problem is the electrical design and the selection of the gear box. Now Shicheng has improved it, the synchronization is about 0.1%, and it will drive faster and faster.

The twin-screw extruder granulator corona machine does not flatten the film when entering the corona, which makes the corona uneven. The film must be flattened before entering the corona. The hardness of the corona roller liquid silica gel is better at 70 degrees. Domestic corona rollers are all around 65 degrees, and the hardness is not enough. Liquid cots have reached 70 degrees. The main problem of corona on the reverse side is also on the cot, the film is not flattened, and the hardness of the cot is not enough.

Imported dies and domestic dies are used more, and if not imported, it must be better than domestic ones. Because of the high requirements of imported die, when designing and circulating, it is specially designed according to the fluidity of the material. The imported die head adopts high-quality materials, and the quality of the products produced is also very good. The use of imported die heads does not mean that high-quality films can be produced, and commercial-quality products require the cooperation of the entire line. Now with the improvement of various industries, domestic die processing equipment has made great progress in material, heat treatment, and electroplating. In the past ten years, domestic equipment basically adopts domestic die. In recent years, some products have begun to be equipped with imported dies, but they are still dominated by domestic dies.

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