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The principle of extrusion molding of plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-14
​In the process of plastic processing, extrusion molding is also called extrusion molding. In the processing of non-rubber extruders, hydraulic pressure is used to extrude the mold itself. Extrusion molding of plastic extruder means that the material passes through the barrel of the extruder gently, and the action between the rods, while being heated and plasticized, is pushed forward by the screw, and continuously passes through the machine head to make various cross-section products or semi-finished products. A processing method.
1. Extrusion molding process of plastic extruder:
The material enters the barrel from the hopper, and under the action of the slow rod rotation, it is sent forward to the feeding section through the friction and shear action of the inner wall of the material box and the surface of the screw rod, where the loose solid is pushed forward and is compacted in the compression section. The depth of the screw measures becomes shallower and further compacted. At the same time, the external heating of the barrel and the frictional and shearing action between the screw and the inner wall of the material, the material temperature rises and begins to melt, and the homogenization section at the end of the compression section makes the material uniform, constant temperature, quantitative, and constant pressure. The melt is extruded, and it is molded after reaching the machine head, and the product is obtained after shaping.
2. Extrusion method
According to plasticizing method: dry extrusion and wet extrusion according to pressurization method: continuous extrusion and intermittent extrusion 3. Features:
Continuous production, high efficiency, simple operation and wide application range

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