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The role of the three functional areas of the plastic extruder

by:TENGDA     2023-01-18
​ Under the normal working condition of the plastic extruder, the plastic will pass through the feeding section and the compression section, but when the plastic enters the extruder, the temperature is quite different from the internally set temperature, so the heating effect is not obvious, mainly by The heating ring provides continuous external heat, so the heating ring needs to work without stopping, so these two sections are called heating zones. The heat is mainly provided by the combination of external heat supply and screw shearing, calendering and friction (the so-called shear heat, that is, the friction heat generated by the material between the screw and the screw barrel due to the relative helical movement of the screw; a screw flight The calendering heat generated by the material at the bottom of another screw groove; the shear heat generated by the shearing of the material between the two screws of the extruder. The three heat sources account for the largest proportion of shear heat, and are generally referred to as for shear heat).

The melt passes through the compression section and enters the melting section and the metering section. It has been basically plasticized, and there is even an excess of 'shear heat'. To 'cool', to transfer excess heat away. Only when the heat loss of the screw barrel is large, the lost heat is occasionally replenished, so these two sections are called 'constant temperature zones'.

The melt enters the confluence core and the die, because the melt has begun to change from the spiral variable speed motion to the linear uniform motion when it reaches the confluence core, and the shear heat effect no longer exists. When the melt reaches the mouth die along the flow channel specified by the confluence core, part of the heat will be consumed. In order to ensure that the melt advances evenly along the dovetail groove flow channel of the die, it is necessary to add appropriate heat. For this purpose, the die design The fixed temperature is slightly higher, so it is called 'insulation zone'.

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