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The structure of twin-screw granulator

by:TENGDA     2023-01-20

The structure of the twin-screw granulator is:

First, the twin-screw granulator is mainly composed of a disc, a scraper device, a pinion, a reducer, a motor, an angle-adjusting screw, a base, and an inner gear. It adopts soft belt drive with the motor, and the reducer starts smoothly. The base of the granulator is welded by steel plates, which is strong and durable without deformation. High-frequency quenching granulator gears are commonly used to effectively prolong their service life.

Second, the disc bottom of the twin-screw granulator is welded and formed by multiple radiant plates, which is durable and not easy to deform. The base is thickened, heavy and strong, no anchor bolts are needed, and the operation is stable. The angle of the grain tray is adjusted by the handwheel, which is easy to operate without any tools.

Third, the disc angle of the granulation disc of the twin-screw granulator adopts an overall arc structure, and the granulation rate is greater than 93%. The high-quality granulator shell can slow down the mechanical impact and prolong the life of the equipment. The use of the granulation disk driven by the large modulus hard tooth surface gear improves the working quality of the equipment.

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