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The twin screw extruder needs regular maintenance

by:TENGDA     2022-01-10
The twin-screw extruder needs regular maintenance during use. Generally, the twin-screw extruder will be shut down after 2500-5000h of continuous operation. The machine needs to take out the screw to check, measure, and appraise the wear of the main components, and replace it. Repair the damaged parts for the parts that meet the specified wear limit. The twin-screw extruder is not allowed to run empty, so as not to damage the screw and the machine. If there is an abnormal noise when the extruder is running, the story of a small business. Stop immediately for inspection or repair. Strictly prevent metal or other debris from falling into the hopper to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron debris from entering the barrel, a magnetic stand can be installed where the material enters the barrel feeding port; or the material can be screened in advance. When the extruder needs to be out of use for a long time, the screw of the twin-screw extruder should be placed in the machine sleeve and do not take it out, and the working surface such as the machine head should be coated with anti-rust grease. Regularly calibrate the temperature control instrument to check the correctness of its adjustment and the sensitivity of control. The maintenance of the reducer of the extruder is the same as that of the general standard reducer. Mainly check the wear and failure of gears and bearings. The gearbox should use the lubricating oil specified in the machine manual, and add the oil according to the specified oil level. Too little oil will cause poor lubrication and reduce the service life of parts; too much oil, high heat, high energy consumption, and easy deterioration of oil , It also makes the lubrication ineffective and causes the consequences of damaging the parts. For more information about twin-screw extruders, please visit our website to learn more. We will wholeheartedly welcome your calls with high-quality products and sincere service!
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