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The use and maintenance of plastic granulator

by:TENGDA     2022-01-08

Information from Nanjing Twin-screw Manufacturers: In simple terms, the plastic granulator can make plastic into relatively uniform small particles, which is widely used in the plastics industry. The machine must have good usage habits to make it perform better and last longer. Long-term bad habits may cause damage to the machine, and more severely, affect the quality of production and the life and safety of operators.

Good machines also need to be maintained and used properly. The machine is composed of an extrusion system, a transmission system and a heating and cooling system. The three systems are interrelated, and the composition of the three systems can well solve our plastic pollution problem. So what are the problems of use and maintenance that we should pay attention to in daily life? Next, Nanjing Twin Screw-Tengda Machinery will explain it for you.

Use problem: Before the machine is used, it can be preheated to a certain extent before starting to work. In this way, the gears of the machine can be fully rotated to work with better performance, especially in winter, preheating is even more necessary. When working, you must first slowly rotate the screw speed button, and then gradually accelerate, you can observe the current meter in the process. There is another safety issue that needs to be paid attention to. When the machine is operating, the operator or other personnel must not stand directly in front of the extrusion port, because the outlet temperature is high to avoid burns and other corresponding accidents.

Maintenance problem: The plastic granulator should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat is fully dissipated after each operation of the machine, so that the machine can be fully alleviated; regular injection of the machine Lubricating oil ensures the lubricity between the bearings of the machine. Regularly check the cooling water of the machine. When working, the cooling water should be in a slow flowing state. If not, check and repair it.

The plastic granulator is a great helper for us to deal with the problem of plastic pollution. It recycles and utilizes the plastic and gives the pollutant the value of secondary use. We should also pay attention to maintenance and operation methods in normal use. Only by taking both into account can we extend the life of the machine and will not affect our work efficiency in the future.

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