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Twin-screw machine failure and treatment method

by:TENGDA     2023-01-22
1. Temperature control system

1. The temperature of a section of the host is too high

(1) Cooling system failure: 1) Check whether the solenoid valve is normal. Under normal circumstances, disassemble the solenoid valve core and blow it with an air pump;

2) Whether the water pipe or cylinder is blocked

(2) The temperature control meter fails: 1) Whether the OUT2 light of the high temperature section is on;

2) The stop valve is opened too small

(3) The solid-state relay or triac is damaged: 1) Replace the solid-state or thyristor

(4) Screw shearing is too strong: appropriately weaken

2. The temperature in a certain area of ​​the host is too low

(1) The temperature control meter is out of order: Is the OUT1 light in the low temperature section on?

(2) The power of the heater is too small or half of the heater is damaged or short-circuited

(3) The cut-off valve is too open, disassemble the solenoid valve core and blow it with an air pump

2. Host system

1. Automatic parking

(1) Oil pump failure: check whether the motor protection switch has tripped

(2) Melt pressure alarm: check whether the melt pressure alarm value is correct; change the screen of the machine head; the temperature of the machine head is low

(3) The ammeter exceeds the limit: increase the speed of the main engine; reduce the feeding amount;

(4) Reduced speed governor failure: check the cause and reset after treatment

(5) Whether other interlocking auxiliary machines alarm

3. Feeding system

1. Automatic shutdown: Whether the governor is faulty; the speed of the feeder is too low; the material is too large; whether the feeding screw is suitable for the material

4. Lubrication system

1. The oil pump does not work: check the circuit; check the motor switch

5. Cooling system

1. The water pump does not work: check the circuit; check the motor switch

2. The cooling water is not flowing: the water pump is not working; the water volume is insufficient; whether the water pressure is between 0.2-0.4MPa.

6. Vacuum system

1. The vacuum pump does not work: check the circuit; check the motor switch

2. There is no indication on the vacuum gauge: 1) The valve is not open; 2) There is leakage; 3) The water intake of the vacuum pump is too small; 4) The vacuum chamber is blocked;

7. Hydraulic station system

1. No pressure: 1) The overflow valve core is blocked; 2) The hydraulic oil is too little; 3) The seal is damaged; 4) The oil filter is damaged;

8. Problems that may arise during machine operation

1. The gearbox produces oil foam: 1) Too much oil is added; 2) The gearbox is not ventilated

2. The plasticizing effect of the screw is not good: 1) The screw combination is too weak; 2) The screw is seriously worn; 3) The temperature is not suitable

3. Material leaking in the vacuum chamber: 1) The speed of the main engine is too fast; 2) The screw combination is unreasonable; 3) The plasticization of the material is not good;

4. Frequent broken strips: 1) The plasticization of the material is not good; 2) The material has too many impurities; 3) The vacuum degree is not enough, and there are too many pores;

5. The material is too wet: 1) Water out early; 2) The position of the blow dryer and pelletizer is moved backward; 3) Reduce the speed of the host machine and the pelletizer;

6. The material is too biased: 1) The temperature of the material is too high; 2) The air pressure of the granulator is too high;

7. Particles are of different lengths: 1) The die is blocked; 2) The temperature of the die is uneven;

8. Pipelines that are eager to be blocked: 1) The temperature of the material is too high; 2) Add a section before the tee; 3) Only one meter, and the angle of the elbow should not be too large;

9. The granulator cannot press the bar: check whether there is air pressure

10. Particles with burrs: 1) Check whether the cutting knife is flat on the die; 2) The gap between the fixed knife and the moving knife;

11. The temperature of the water tank is too high: 1) Check whether the external circulating water is flowing; 2) The position of the water tank is too low
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