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Types of plastic extruders

by:TENGDA     2023-01-06

Categories of plastic extruders:

Plastic extruders can be divided into single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders and multi-screw extruders according to the number of screws. At present, the single-screw extruder is the most widely used and is suitable for the extrusion processing of general materials. The twin-screw extruder has less heat generated by friction, more uniform shearing of the material, and a larger conveying capacity of the screw. The extrusion volume is relatively stable, and the material stays in the barrel for a long time and mixes evenly;

The single-screw extruder occupies an important position both as a plasticizing and granulating machine or as a molding processing machine. In recent years, the single-screw extruder has made great progress.

The twin-screw extruder has good feeding characteristics, is suitable for powder processing, and has better mixing, exhaust, reaction and self-cleaning functions than the single-screw extruder, and is characterized by processing plastics with poor thermal stability and blending It also shows its superiority when feeding.

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